in transit – no pictures yet

So I flew from Dublin to Abu Dhabi – felt a little like Aladdin magic carpet with the music but the flight was very easy. I sat next to a man who is a banker – has four children all of whom are successful and went to universities abroad – doctor, dentist, banker, IT.

I saw more cultures and heard more languages in that air port than all of my time in NY and they were all so relaxed. It was a beautiful airport.

some quotes I saw in the Abu Dhabi airport:

Examine what is said not who has said it.

A country without a past has no present or future.

Then I had a flight to Kenya – Nairobi where I am not waiting for my next flight to Entebbe in Uganda which is only a short hour compared to the rest! This airport isnt as fun as the rest but I am looking forward to getting to Uganda and sleeping!!

So I am alive and well family!! Post again soon.

4 thoughts on “in transit – no pictures yet

  1. You go, lady!! Seriously, SO impressed with you. And so impressed with myself to have such an impressive friend. Damn, you’re awesome. Which means, by default, I’m awesome 😉 .

    Hope this made you laugh, love you Maggie Moo!


  2. i am in Staten Island with Veronica.saw message.Jean marie help . it is now 4pm ny time sunday. im going to show at all my coworkers. Iam very proud of you and what you have done. I hope you are bein careful. I love you. take care.


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