So guys I made it to the camp!! Let me tell you that I think I will invest in my own private plane one day… So after my flight landed in Entebbe, Uganda, I was picked up by a staff member and went to their main office in Kampala to finally met Dr. Gladys. She kindly took me out to dinner which was a classic burger 🙂 I didnt get to my bed that night until midnight. I was staying at the wildlife education center which is also a zoo. They have mini huts with a small kitchen and bathroom that families can stay in. I didnt get much sleep because the zoo’s lions and hyenas were having the chats that night! I woke up the next morning at 5am so I could be dropped off at the bus station that would take me to Bwindi.

The city was alive at 5:30am. There were people everywhere. In the bus depot they are paid to help persuade people to get onto certain buses. We already knew what bus company we wanted. I threw my bag in and paid 30,000 Shillings ($30) and got on the bus. A man sat down next to me who was also heading to Bwindi, Obid. He grew up with one of the CTPH members He is a physicians assistant in the hospital in Bwindi. I was so happy to meet him for many reasons, but specifically he knew the people I was going to meet. The bus ride was about 8 or 9 hours, and at most big towns when we stopped people were trying to sell food- bread, pancakes, onions, sweet potatoes, crackers, soda, water, casava roots, kebabs, chocolate even!

Of course I was targeted as the white american but I didnt mind. I was the only white person on board but that didnt seem to matter to people. They were just trying to make a living but it was quite a shock to see so many people.

We arrived in the main town Kihihi, the last stop of the bus ride at around 4:30. Obid and I were waiting for a taxi that was supposed to be sent for me but it hadnt arrived and I wasnt sure who was supposed to come. So we thought of getting a motorcycle taxi!! I know it sounds crazy but it was either sit and wait, or go. Obid knew where we were going. As we were getting on though, my taxi arrived (a car) so Im sure the family is now relieved :). It took another 40 minutes to get to my camp site.

I was worried as were traveling because we are in such a desolate place but I am being cared for by wonderful people and the hospital is near by that has everything I might need. I am smart and careful but who cares all about that!! Look at this view!! Every morning I get to wake up to this wonderful view of the mountains!!

I expect to have time off during this trip of which I am glad I have brought my books! This morning I am just relaxing and getting used to the camp. There isnt much here but the view is worth it anyway. This afternoon I am going down to the park entrance to introduce myself to the park warden and some rangers before I start my work in a few days time. No gorilla sitings yet but I have a scheduled gorilla tracking tour in a day or two!

IMG_2654 IMG_2655 IMG_2653 IMG_2652

6 thoughts on “CTPH Camp

  1. Absolutely love hearing about your adventure. Very Jane Goodall of you to share with us. Lol 🙂 So proud of you and all your doing. I look forward to reading your stories when I get to work. Love you


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