Last time visiting the gorillas!

So today was my last day hiking to see the gorillas. It was not our usual tracking because they were far. We had to drive down to buhoma and then hike up and down and up and down. We lost half the team at one point. We were wandering the mountain sides. I have many scratches and pricks from thorns. I was scaling rocks. I was sliding down the dirt. I climbed down backwards at one point. I was using grass to hold on. The gorillas knew it was my last time and wanted to make it worth my while. The tourists though, only walked 25 minutes.
I grew up listening to no blood no tears. And that hard work pays off with a little blood and sweat. Today I bled and I sweat and I worked. I know I am a Tom boy for many reasons but it’s a testament of growing up with two brothers, many uncles and an awesome grandfather. I think that surviving the torture allows me to see it as love. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Today I shocked men twice my age because I was so prepared. So thank you to the strong men and women who didn’t let me get away with shit and made me hike, bike, rock climb, ski, snowmobile, rollerblade, and swim as a child.

The view was amazing. I was on top of a mountain and surrounded by more mountains. It was sunny but the grass was still kind of wet and the trees were providing some shade for us. It’s like feeling on top of the world. I’ve met a few tourists who have hiked Mount Kilimanjaro and now I feel like one day I must do that. We have a beautiful world. And we really need to see it! Everyone always asks why I go to Africa and it’s really because the animals and the scenery is basically untouched. It looks untouched and feels untouched. I love it. I only have a few more days left! I am looking forward to getting home and being a first world citizen again.


One thought on “Last time visiting the gorillas!

  1. I can’t describe how awesome your day sounds. Hard work and dedication goes a long way. Hope your next few days are a breeze. You are missed.


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